Custom Trellis Fencing


Anyone who tells you that untreated S.A. pine will not survive the outdoors is quite right!

And the same goes for S.A. pine that has been coated externally with a preservative.

However, C.C.A. treated S.A. pine has been impregnated with the chemical formula, C.C.A., under high-pressure, ensuring deep penetration of the preservative into its core, thereby increasing it’s lifespan to a range comparable with that of expensive hardwoods.

This C.C.A. treatment process has been used for many years and is S.A.B.S certified.

This means that you can have an attractive, durable fence made from an affordable, sustainable timber at a reasonable cost.

On top of the standard C.C.A. pressure-treatment that our timber has undergone, one can apply oils and other coatings to timber to enhance and maintain its appearance.

Another consideration with timber is that it can warp, leaving a timber feature looking forlorn. The answer to this is that if the workmanship is done with a sound sub-structure (framework) and the right fixings the timber feature will retain its original shape and respectability – so ask your contractor how he intends to do something before committing to anything.

Brick, steel, hardwood or C.C.A. pressure-treated S.A. pine fencing solutions all have their advantages so my advice would be to simply consider aesthetic and budget when making your decision. I have it on good authority that if you choose C.C.A. treated S.A. pine, you won’t be disappointed.